Women in Ministry

The Tenth Episcopal District Women In Ministry (WIM) is an organization within the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) with the sole mission of defining, enhancing, supporting, and expanding the presence of women in ministry. Every Friday morning, 6:00 to 6:30A.M., the 10th District WIM gather for meditation and prayer. Join us and I promise you will be blessed abundantly. The dial-in number is (218) 632-0550, access code 207718#. Send an email to revbenita@yahoo.com with your prayer request or praise report.

WIM Officers for the 10th District are listed below.

Rev. Benita Hill, President, revbenita@yahoo.com, (254) 371-5391
Rev. Alma Phillips, 1st Vice-President
Rev. Sheila Sidberry-Thomas, 2nd Vice-President
Rev. Marjorie Hamilton-Scott, General Secretary
Rev. Veliesa Edwards & Rev. Patricia Smith, Treasurer
Rev. Paulette White & Rev. Gloria Cash-Sam, Financial Secretary
Rev. Dr. Maggie Crawford, Herstorioghapher
Rev. Idotha Battle, Worship Director
Rev. Pamela Rivera, Advisor
Rev. Bobbie Bagneris-Mudd, NTX Conference WIM Coordinator
Rev. Joni Russ, SWTX Conference WIM Coordinator
Rev. Salatheia Bryant-Honors, TX Conference WIM Coordinator

Per the Doctrine and Discipline of the AME church, the purpose of AME/WIM is to meet and further the following objectives:

Save the Date!

"WIM Quadrennial Conference will be August 6-9, 2014
Charleston, South Carolina"

The 2012-2016 WIM Quadrennial theme is

"Positioned to Lead: Take Thou Authority"

1 Corinthians 9:1-7 with emphasis on 1 Corinthians 9:1-2.

Several changes were made to the by-laws; you can view the WIM by-laws on our Connectional WIM website at www.amewim.com. The major change is that the position of Episcopal District President is an elected position by the membership. It is not an appointed position by the Bishop. All offices in AME/WIM are elected. The Bishop and the Presiding Elders do not make the appointments of the President or the Coordinators for the Presiding Elder Districts.

WIM Goals and Objectives for the quadrennial are as follows:

  • Overall Objective: To change the face of the church by creating opportunities that enhance, encourage, support, educate and expand the presence and leadership of women in ministry.

  • Objective 1: To prepare and equip women in ministry to lead, influence and create change.
    • Goals: To have delegates elected to the General Conference which are representative of the clergy on the annual conference and to increase the number of women in leadership on all conference levels.
  • Objective 2: To improve communication through the use of technology.
    • Goal: To create new communication tools and enhance existing website and social media that can be utilized by at least 75 percent of the membership.
  • Objective 3: To advance the financial viability of WIM
    • Goal: To create a zero based budget to satisfy the requirements of the church for the WIM stipend and to have written financial policies developed by June 2013.
  • Objective 4: To increase membership
    • Goal: To increase the membership in Women in Ministry by 20 percent by the end of the quadrennial.
  • Objective 5: To support women in ministry in the AME Church by incorporating and sustaining the Jarena Lee Foundation.
    • Goal: To have the Jarena Lee Foundation fully incorporated by December 2013.

How does one become a member of WIM?

The categories of membership are as follows.

  1. Full Membership: women ordained to the itinerant ministry and they are eligible to vote and to hold office.
  2. Associate Membership: male clergy and laypersons who support AME/WIM and they are not eligible to vote or to hold office.
  3. Local Membership: women ordained to the local ministry, licensed evangelists, and licensed exhorters. They are eligible to vote and hold office on the Episcopal district, Annual Conference, Presiding Elder district, and (where applicable) campus ministry levels. They are not eligible to hold office on the Connectional level or as the Episcopal District President, Annual Conference Coordinator, Presiding Elder District Coordinator, or Campus Coordinator.
  4. Advisory Membership: superannuates who have retired from active service in the itinerant or local ministry. They are eligible to vote to not to hold office.
  5. Student/Licentiate Membership: women enrolled in an institution of higher education and/or women licensed to preach and preparing for ordination. Students who are ordained are entitled to vote and hold office. Licentiates are not entitled to vote or to hold office.

How does one become a WIM officer?

Any AME/WIM in good standing as defined by the Bylaws of AME/WIM and The Book of Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church is eligible to hold office. Any itinerant minister in good standing who is transferred or moves to a new district and/or Annual Conference is eligible to hold office if duly elected, provided she was in good and regular standing with AME/WIM on the connectional, Episcopal district and Annual Conference levels for two years prior to the transfer. There shall be no requisite waiting period for holding office.

What are the dues for WIM?

Connectional dues are Full Membership-$25.00,
Local Membership-$15.00,
Associate Membership-$20.00,
Advisory Membership-$10.00,
and Student/Licentiate Membership-$10.00.

Dues and names of members are sent to the Connectional Financial Secretary and copies of the names are sent to the Connectional President, Third Vice President and General Secretary.

Dues are paid annually to the Connectional Executive Board, the Episcopal District, the Annual Conference and to the local of Presiding Elder district conference of the Annual Conference. Tenth Dues are paid in November at Planning Meeting for both the Connectional and Episcopal District levels. The time for payment of dues to the Annual Conference is at the Annual Conference WIM meeting. The Presiding Elder districts will determine when their dues are to be paid and how much. Dues must be paid at the Connectional and Episcopal District levels to be eligible to vote at the General Conference. The amount of annual membership dues at the Episcopal district and Annual Conference levels are the same as Connectional dues.